Staff Social Media Policy

Updated July 26, 2021

While we strongly encourage you to like, share, comment, and otherwise engage with our social media channels, LuzFaltex also expects staff (including the board, VPs, Directors and Assistant Directors, Team Managers, and Team Members) to conduct themselves with tact and sincerity.

At no point should you act in a discourteous or unprofessional manner when acting as a representative of LuzFaltex. That includes when commenting on members' or customers' posts on the official LuzFaltex social media pages, sharing any posts by LuzFaltex, and in community or public discussions (including, but not limited to, public and private Discord servers). If you see a member or customer has a question, please be careful to ensure the information you are providing is correct and appropriate. If you are not sure, ask in the staff channels (on Discord) or direct them to reach out to support using the support portal.

LuzFaltex staff who violate the social media policy may be subject to termination and other sanctions, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Responding to Posts and Sharing Information

Making sure our members and customers are all on the same page and ensuring they have the correct information is no small task. Our social media team has the most accurate and up-to-date information about when applications open and close, what the rules are, when particular information will be available, and who can reach directors to ask specific questions. They can also point people in the direction of who they should talk to about specific requests and respond to complaints and concerns. Please leave these matters to our social media team or to the director of the department in question. Do not give out contact information, including email addresses or phone numbers, directly. Those with questions should be directed to the support portal or one of our other support channels.

Communicating incorrect information, regardless of intent, or overstepping boundaries could lead to removal from social media channels and other sanctions. Unless you are the Manager or Director of the team or department in question, you should not field complaints (or ask questions about negative comments). No Manager or Director should inquire or respond on behalf of any other team or department. You should not comment on negative reviews, even to explain why a particular policy is being followed.

Unless you are the Manager or Director of the team or department in question, you do not have the authority to approve any requests on social media.

Identification (for Managers and Directors only)

Managers and Directors who respond to questions or complaints on LuzFaltex's social media pages must identify as being affiliated with LuzFaltex. A simple "I am the manager/director of X" should suffice. Posts that violate this rule are subject to deletion. On Discord, your roles will satisfy your requirement,so no additional statements are needed.

Listing and Sharing Experience

Staff in good standing may list their work with LuzFaltex as "Volunteer" work for the purposes of their Resume or professional networking (LinkedIn, etc.).

Managers and above are allowed to identify as "working" for LuzFaltex in their social media profiles. Former members in good standing may list themselves as "Former (Title) at LuzFaltex."

No individual, except under the above circumstances, may neither speak on behalf of another sector, nor share any sort of "behind-the-scenes" or "insider knowledge." That includes pending announcements, proposed or pending policy changes, relations among staff, plans for events, or anything else that has not been made public on the LuzFaltex website or social media pages, or elsewhere on the web.

This policy does NOT bar any individual from sharing personal experiences, photos, or other media from their time with LuzFaltex. LuzFaltex guarantees that comments made in good faith regarding staff experiences on their personal channels and LuzFaltex's will not receive retaliatory action.

Staff should not share photos from private LuzFaltex communications or functions, including but not limited to Staff/Director meetings, on public channels. Nor should they share information regarding any such functions publicly.

Urgent Issues

In some cases that involve delicate or urgent matters, contact HR, your Director and Manager, or the Board as appropriate and let them handle the issue. In Discord, you can message (or direct the member/customer to message) the ModMail bot, which acts as a private channel.

At no point should anyone without official access to the LuzFaltex social media channels respond to allegations of harassment, staff misbehavior, mismanagement, or anything that might affect the reputation of LuzFaltex or have any legal ramifications, except to direct the comments to the appropriate manager or HR. Below are examples of appropriate statements. Wording may be adjusted as appropriate.

  • "I'm sorry this happened to you. If you'd like, you contact our HR department using the contact form on our website and they'll help you resolve the issue."
  • "If you'd like, I could contact my manager. They should be able to help you with that."

Remember: It is neither your duty nor responsibility to defend LuzFaltex to the public, to members, to customers, to your friends, or the friends of friends.


At no point should LuzFaltex staff members harass LuzFaltex social media fans through any channel or make public comments that violate LuzFaltex's harassment policies.

Any decisions about whether someone has violated LuzFaltex's social media policy will be made by the Social Media Director, HR, or the board of Directors. HR and the Board of Directors have the absolute right to determine the sanctions against any staff member who violates the social media policy, up to and including immediate termination. The Social Media Director, HR, and the Board of Directors may remove comments at their discretion.

Unacceptable Behavior

While LuzFaltex Staff members are free to post as they wish, LuzFaltex reserves the right to determine that certain speech, memes, "challenges," or other online behavior is unacceptable and may bar one's ability to staff for LuzFaltex.

Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, discrimination in violation of our User Conduct Policy, inciting violence, behavior that would cause reasonable fear of safety, or advocating for or encouraging any of the above behaviors.

Concerns about online behavior should be brought to the attention of HR and the Board.