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About Us

LuzFaltex (ˈluːz ˈfɔl ˈtɛks) was founded in 2014 to operate as the management entity for the Fall of the Citadel minecraft roleplay server. Since then, we have grown into a service provider with three primary goals:

  1. Provide high quality roleplay experiences;
  2. Develop tools for those creating roleplaying games, be that a tabletop setting or as a more traditional roleplay environment; and
  3. Design training courses for Dungeon Masters and Community Managers in moderation, lore development, and administration.

We also have very strong commitments to internet privacy and net neutrality. While officially take no stance politically, we do reflect these opinions in policy. We never sell, give away, or otherwise make money off of your personal data in any way. Also, we believe that you shouldn't have to be a lawyer to understand your privacy rights. So, we have very carefully crafted our privacy policy to be human-readable and easy to understand without pulling out a law dictionary.

Who We Are

LuzFaltex Staff

Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Devin (she/they) is the owner and founder of LuzFaltex, which started out of her love for writing and roleplay. She is an experienced C# developer and acts as the lead developer for all of LuzFaltex's projects.

Chief Operating Officer

No description provided.

Vice President of Publications

Ashe (they/them) joined the LuzFaltex team fairly early in its conception, motivated by a passion for storywriting, worldbuilding and immersion. They have over a decade of experience in art and writing, and love making their fictional settings feel real and lived-in.

Story Team

Canada (she/they) is a published writer, artist, and dork of many realms. Creating is one of her greatest passions, alongside natural sciences and collecting trivial information.

Join Us

Interested in joining our team?

We're looking for dedicated individuals to join our staff teams. Staffing and hiring takes place at two levels: